Technology Enabled Solutions

We help partners to solve problems mixing what they already know, and use available technologies.

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Branding and Creative Design

We create Branding Tools including  Style Guides,  Graphics Assets, User Experience and Human-Centered Design Strategy, and User Story Creation

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

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Digital Marketing Transformation

We develop and implement Marketing Campaigns, Online Ads, Email Marketing, Social Media Management, and Search Engine Optimization 

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Customer Engagement Solutions

We build custom solutions and applications for Customer Engagement, Digital Experience Tools, Crowdsourcing and  Gamification

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Web Design and Development

We develop websites with Content Management Systems, E-Commerce Solutions, Custom Online Portals that are responsive and mobile-first

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Business Software Solutions

We implement ERP Solutions like Customer Relation Management (CRM), Warehouse and Inventory Systems, and Human Resource Systems (HRIS)

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Data Analytics and Visualization

We build interfaces for insights and decision-making using Big Data. Automation from Excel Spreadsheets Macros to ingestion of real-time Data Streams